Craps is a dice game in the one that the players act on the outcome of the roll or a series of rolls of a pair of dice to place their wagers.

It has its origin traceable to the medieval times in the English world. It got developed from the simplification of an early time game called “hazard”. Over the years, this game got influenced by the French people who took delights in gambling as past time.

This becomes the fashion in the world of casino gaming in the United States of America when it was brought to the USA by Bernard Xavier Phillipe de Marigny de Mandeville. He was a politician and a gambler. The full name of the game is Bank Crap, or better still referred to as “Casino Crap” is played by a single or multiple players.

These players as the case may be, place their bets on the outcome of the roll of a dice. The players or the casino officers either sit or stand around an oval large table. The practice is that players are not allowed to sit around the table, except on an excuse of medical reason.


The following are the things that you must know if you are interested in playing casino crap. It is hereunder listed and briefly explained. CRAPS TABLE: - In a casino, players who are to partake in the playing craps make their bets on a chip on a specially built table designed with a “layout”. The cloth covering the crap table is made of felt clothing which displays diverse kinds of bets possibilities that are available. These vary in payout, position, and presence from casino to casino. The shape of the casino table is constructed like a bath tub, having the following size, about 13 feet long, 5 feet wide, about 28 inches above the floor at the bottom, where the table is laid out. It is also about 12 inches from the layout stretching to the rim of the tub. There is a group of bet which is called “proposition” situates in the middle of the layout and it is used for bets by players who are on both sides. You must know that the top of this table has horizontal grooves for the comfort of the players and to help keep their chips which are also lying horizontally when they are not used in play.


The following are the staff of the casino that runs the affairs of the table and they are employees of the casino. They are;-

1. Boxman: - He is the only employee of the casino that is allowed to sit, and he sits behind the bank of the casino. His function includes amongst many other, the management of the chips, supervises the dealers and handles the “coloring up” players. Coloring means the exchange of small chip denomination for larger denomination in order to preserve the chips at a table.

2. Base Dealers: - these consists of two them that stand on either side of the Boxman. Their duty is to collect and pay bets to the players who are around their half of the table.

3. STICKMAN: - he stands directly across the table right from the Boxman. His own assignments entail taking and paying the bets in the center of the table. He is also to announce the outcome of each roll of a dice. This is usually done in a distinctive pattern. Again, he moves the dice right across the layout aided by an elongated wooden stick. The reason, he is called the “Stickman”.


Players are allowed to take turns in the rolling of two dice. The one that is rolling the dice is called the shooter. As a player, you can bet on various options that are made available to you. This option is exercised by placing chips directly on the appropriately-marked position of the layout. In the course of acting as a shooter, you must observe the rule of having a bet on the “Pass Line” and or “Don’t Pass Line”. These are sometimes called “Win” and “Don’t Win” or “Right” and “Wrong” bets.


If you are an intending player, and you want to play without the shooter, all you need to do is by joining the crap table. The first step will be required to take is for you to check if the dealer button is “ON” is on any of the point numbers. Note the following;-

• Should the button be in the “off” mode, this simply means that the crap table is signaling that a player should come out and that a point has not been established.

• In the case that the button is in the “on” mode, then it is interpreted to mean that the crap table is the point round. While in this round, casinos will allow usually an existing Pass line to the bet. In some casinos, it is not allowed that a new Pass line bet is recognized when a point has been established.


The following are the types of wagers that you need to be familiar with when you are playing casino crap;-

• Line bets: - shooter is required to either make a Pass Line or Don’t Pass bet should he wants to shoot.

• Pass Line: - fundamentally, the thing to recognize casino craps is the Pass Line bet. It is a bet for the shooter to win.

• Don’t Pass: - this is a bet for the shooter to lose. This can be considered as the opposite of the pass line bet if you may want to call it as that.

It is our considered opinion, that the very little we have mentioned in this article would have given some insight into how the casino crap game is played. Should you need more inquiries, do not hesitate to revert to us as appropriate.